Jessica Keen

North Sydney

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Jessica Keen CommUnity 1st

I am a sitting Councillor seeking re-election to North Sydney Council in the St Leonard’s (North) Ward.

  • Proudly standing once again as a candidate for CommUnity 1st , a local group committed to ensuring Council continues to deliver services to all residents.

  • I have strong track record of advocacy and fighting for the right outcomes for the North Sydney community

  • I am a mother of four children immersed in the local community. For our family, North Sydney is a unique area where development must be balanced with true benefits to the community

  • I am a member of the Liberal Party with a strong commitment to open and transparent government

  • I have the experience and commitment to ensure all North Sydney residents benefit from State and Commonwealth government initiatives that impact our area

  • 20+ years experience in the tourism industry.

  • Former Board Member of the Sydney Harbour Trust (inclusive of Sub-base Platypus).

Achievements during my current 4 year term include:

Our Community

  • Strong voice for community sporting clubs

    • Co-Chair of the Council Sport & Recreational Committee

    • Supported new innovations to help our sporting community including 5% hybrid trial of artificial grass at Primrose Park

  • Strong support for the Precinct system

  • Advocated increasing North Sydney support for women’s refuges

  • Advocated North Sydney Park Run installation of water fountains

  • Mentored young people in the community – official mentor as a Councillor

Traffic & Transport

  • Advocated for pedestrian safety around schools

    • New and upgrading pedestrian crossings

    • Yeo Street Pedestrian Crossing

    • Grosvenor Lane shared zone

    • Young Street Plaza

Focus on North Sydney

  • Supported No Smoking in the North Sydney CBD

  • Military Rd Planning Study – supported up to 8 stories

  • North Sydney needs experienced leaders who will stand up to negotiate for the community. I still have work to do and seek another term to continue the work I have started.

  • Supported the sustainability of North Sydney’s collection of villages.


  • Co-Chair of the Sustainable Transport and Environment Committees

  • Supportive of the Council’s composting trial

Things that I will fight for:

  1. Our Community

  2. Traffic and Transport

  3. Focus North Sydney

  4. Sustainability

Our Community

  1. Community voice on overdevelopment.

    • Strong advocacy to preserve our villages; strong local community focus.

  2. More Parklands for passive and active recreation.

    • Deliver more options for local sporting groups to efficiently utilise existing grounds and facilities.

    • Advocacy for more open space/parklands for our community to enjoy.

    • Advocate the park over the Warringah Freeway option.

  3. Community Centre Services.

    • Work with the local community health networks to build on the support and care network to new parents and families in the community.

  4. Community Open Space

    • Advocate more open space street/pedestrian options in our villages to create open and attractive community space

Traffic & Transport

  1. Pedestrian safety/safety within close proximity to schools and preschools.

    1. Promote traffic calming and pedestrian safety features to enhance pedestrian safety.

    2. Including a focus on the before and after school provider venues.

  2. Beaches Link / Western Harbour Tunnel

    1. Minimise Western Harbour Tunnel traffic impacts through the North Sydney CBD

    2. Support closing Miller Street between Pacific Highway and Berry Street to enhance community open space in the CBD

    3. Advocate changes to the Beaches Link plan. Advocate for filtration/ ventilation and consideration of the positioning of the stacks to be away from schools and preschools.

  3. Cycling Paths & Ramps

    1. Support for solutions for cycling within North Sydney by striving for a balance between community and infrastructure.

Focus on North Sydney

  1. North Sydney as a premium destination

    1. Promote North Sydney as a talent hub to attract and retain sustainable long term jobs with a focus on improved day and night time CBD amenities.

    2. Encourage national and international sporting events to be held in North Sydney.

    3. Establish a ‘Promote North Sydney Small Business’ program. Create a network to promote their businesses to locals and visitors via walking routes to increase patronage.


  1. Sustainability

    1. Advocate the incorporation of sustainability features into the built environment, particularly for new buildings.

    2. Encouraging whole of LGA roll out of compositing bins

Over the next Council term the overarching issue for North Sydney is the expected development and infrastructure growth.

It is about balance, more than ever North Sydney needs experienced Councillors within the local community that have commercial experience to negotiate on behalf of all residents, businesses and rate payers. We need a Council that will stand up for the community against the impact of State Government decisions, but with the ability and skill to negotiate fair and reasonable outcomes.



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